Starting Something New

Starting something new is always a scary yet exciting thing. However fear takes over the excitement and hesitation sets in. This is where I have been for quite a while now. I've always known, since I was in high school, that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had no clue what venture I wanted to start but it was a desire deep within. So, I became a serial planner. Never short on bright ideas, I would pitch them to my parents and even some friends. Everyone has always been so supportive. I wholeheartedly feel its due to their sincere belief in me. Honestly speaking, I don't think I shared the same level of belief in myself.

Beginning is always the hardest part. You begin to even doubt yourself and wonder if people will be supportive in every way possible. You even ask yourself, "Will strangers even be interested in what it is I have to offer?" Before you've even put yourself out there you've already made the decision for the strangers that have yet to meet you or will never meet you because of your doubt. It took me a while to get to this space: standing boldly and confidently in who I am and my brand.

It's been a long time coming. So now let me introduce myself; my name is Emerlyn, founder of Mommies & Mocktails. I was inspired to start Mommies & Mocktails to curate events where prospective mothers, expectant mothers, new moms, and veteran mothers and come together in a creative environment to share their experiences while sipping on mocktails. Daddies are more than welcome. Its a temporary escape from your hectic week. We will be having regular events. Be on the look out for our launch event.

I will be posting different mocktail recipes that you can try out at home and much more! Be sure to subscribe and become a site member. I look forward to our journey together.